2004 Hyundai SantaFe 3.5L V6 4WD LX

1972 Triumph V8 Stag 3L Mk I

2004 Hyundai SantaFe 3.5L V6 4WD LX

I decided to buy a new car after my incident with my 1992 Crystler Lebaron. I was on my way to New York in December 2001, I stopped at a rest stop along the way and open the driver side door. The door broke off the car and fell to the ground. It was at that point I decided to purchase a new vehicle; one with a good warranty. From that point on, I will never buy a used car again.

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1972 Triumph V8 Stag 3L Mk I

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Here is an excerpt from a 1972 magazine when the Triumph Stag was introduced:

  "Stag is Triumph's first luxury car. Built with the experience, obtained through decades of national and international road racing competition. Resulting in an automobile of superb handling, performance and comfort.

This sumptuous 2+2 GT is first and foremost a car to be driven. Power assisted rack and pinion steering and front disc brakes. Fully independent suspension complemented by cast aluminum alloy wheels and high-performance radial tires. And a new over-head cam 3 litre V-8 engine making the Stag the finest Triumph of all.

Once inside Stag, its luxury is all too evident. Standard equipment includes deeply cushioned, fully adjustable bucket seats. Electrically operated windows. Padded steering wheel, which adjusts for height and distance. A host of controls at your fingertips. True 2+2 seating.

And then there's Stag's unique new top. Which, if you prefer, can give you a choice of three tops.

For wind in your hair driving it's a convertible with a distinct T-shaped padded roll bar.

To keep the weather out, we've given the Stag a fine quality soft top which neatly encloses you, your passengers and roll bar.

Finally, there is the optional removeable hard top that looks good enough to leave on all year round.

In addition, you can order automatic transmission, overdrive, AM/FM radio, and air conditioning.

Come into your nearest Triumph dealer and test drive the new Stag; Triumph's finest luxury car."